Having an Abundance Mindset can transform your life, your team, and your company.

Do you have an Abundance Mindset? What the heck is an Abundance Mindset, and what are the benefits?

That’s our topic today.

Despite our inherent “scarcity mindset,” the world today is rapidly moving towards abundance.

Exponential tech like AI, Robotics, and VR are quickly dematerializing, demonetizing, and democratizing products and services.

Things that used to only be available to the richest and most elite are now available to almost anyone — anywhere in the world. …

It’s January 2026. You wake up. Your digital health assistant takes thirty seconds to run a full diagnostic of your body, deploying dozens of sensors capturing gigabytes of data. It tells you that based on the last 48 hours, you might be coming down with the flu.

How close are we to this vision?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a machine’s ability to use its own intelligence to analyze data, learn patterns, and use it to predict future outcomes. It’s like teaching a machine basic math, and watching it eventually learn calculus.

So, what does this mean for healthcare?

It’s envisioning…

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How do you become an “expert” in exponential tech?

Are you taking the time to analyze exactly HOW entire industries are being revolutionized from the bottom up?

Over the next decade, waves of exponential tech advancements will stack atop one another, eclipsing decades of breakthroughs in scale and impact.

These waves will lead to 20 “Metatrends” that will revolutionize industries and redefine tomorrow’s generation of businesses.

Two weeks ago, I discussed the first 10 of these Metatrends. …

Today, just a few decades after the arrival of the internet, Google and Facebook together command more advertising dollars than all print media on the planet.

In 2019, Google’s ad campaign revenue totaled $135 billion, while Facebook’s reached nearly $70 billion. Taken together, this is roughly 35% of all global advertising expenditure.

Fueled by open source e-commerce platforms, mobile devices, and advances in online payment infrastructure, social media marketing has replaced virtually the entire traditional advertising industry. That took fewer than fifteen years.

And the numbers are huge. In 2019, the global advertising industry reached nearly $600 billion, driving Google’s…

Seven years ago, I wrote that Bitcoin was moving from its deceptive phase to a very disruptive phase. At the time, one bitcoin was worth $600.

That disruption is now going mainstream.

Just last week, Bitcoin reached a record high of $40,000 (doubling its value in one month), and the value of all cryptocurrencies surpassed $1 trillion. And last month, the digital currency exchange Coinbase, the most valuable crypto company in the US, filed for an IPO.

So, why should you care?

Because bitcoin and other digital currencies are reshaping how we think about and use money-making it more digitized…

What’s faster than autonomous vehicles and flying cars?

Try Hyperloop, rocket travel, and robotic avatars.

Hyperloop is currently working towards 670 mph (1080 kph) passenger pods, capable of zipping us from Los Angeles to downtown Las Vegas in under 30 minutes.

Rocket travel (think SpaceX’s Starship) promises to deliver you almost anywhere on the planet in under an hour. Think New York to Shanghai in 39 minutes.

But wait, it gets even better…

As 5G connectivity, hyper-realistic VR, and next-gen robotics continue their exponential progress, the emergence of “robotic avatars” will all but nullify the concept of distance, replacing human…

AI and broadband were already eating retail for breakfast. In the first half of 2019, we saw 19 retailer bankruptcies. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, the retail apocalypse is only accelerating.

S&P Global Market Intelligence has now tallied over 49 bankruptcies in 2020, the highest in over a decade.

What’s coming in this retail era is astounding.

For example, why drive when you can speak? Revenue from products purchased via voice commands is expected to quadruple from roughly US$2 billion today to more than US$8 billion by 2023.

VR, AR and 3D Printing are converging with AI, drones and 5G…

Do you ever feel that there are too many opportunities to pursue?

Abundance has a downside.

Having too many opportunities-starting this company, funding that project, pursuing yet another partnership-can leave you distracted and stretched thin. And it can take the focus off of your most important goals and activities.

As my dear friend Joe Polish says, the problem with many successful entrepreneurs is not “What should I do?”; instead, it’s “What should I NOT do?”

What you say “No” to can be just as defining and useful as what you say “Yes” to.

So, how do you know when to…

Food… what we eat and how we grow it will be fundamentally transformed in the next decade.

Already, the vertical farming industry is projected to exceed US$15 billion by 2025, surging at an astonishing 38% annual growth rate.

At the same time, the market for 3D food printing is also expected to grow at a high rate, averaging nearly 20% annual growth over the next five years.

Converging exponential technologies-from materials science to AI-driven digital agriculture-are not slowing down. …

We’re living during the age of “Moonshots”, a time where entrepreneurs and scientists are able to go 10x farther than ever before.

The combination of exponential technologies (Computation, AI, Sensors, Networks, Robotics, 3D printing, AR/VR and Blockchain, etc.) are enabling small teams to attempt and achieve crazy ideas.

This blog takes a look at the top 50 Moonshots achieved during the past 20 years, since the turn of the millennium. What might be possible in the next 20 years?

We’ve chosen 50 Moonshots in 8 different categories… (with apology, and without question, some key Moonshots will be missing). Within each…

Peter Diamandis

Passionate about innovation and creating a world of Abundance. Companies: XPRIZE, Singularity University, Planetary Resources, Human Longevity Inc.

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