Your Roadmap for Leading Disruptive Change

Peter Diamandis
2 min readOct 6, 2021


Take a second to appreciate how extraordinary our world is today.

News travels the globe in an instant. Music, movies, games, communication, and knowledge are ever-available, for free on always-connected devices.

From AI to biotechnology, powerful technologies that were once only available to huge organizations, governments, and the richest and most elite are more accessible and affordable than ever before thanks to digitization.

Think about it: a child in Zimbabwe can Google any information they want or even video conference with someone on the other side of the world — for free.

And the information available to that child is identical to the information available to Larry Page, Co-founder of Google.

This continuing technological progress gives us an opportunity to uplift every man, woman, and child on Earth.

How does such a world come about?

The essence is explained in a framework I call the Six Ds of Exponentials.

Think of the Six Ds as a roadmap that you can use to contextualize technological change and the opportunities it creates.

As an exponential entrepreneur and leader, you want to master this roadmap. Understanding how to use the Six Ds and developing an Exponential Mindset are key focuses of my year-round Mastermind and Executive Program Abundance360.

So, how will you use the Six Ds to create a world of possibility and abundance?


Would you like to master the Six Ds and lead disruptive change instead of being the victim of it?

Then consider joining my year-round Abundance360 Mastermind and Executive Program and come to our in-person A360 Summit February 2–4, 2022.

My mission is to help A360 members obtain mastery in four specific mindsets: an Abundance Mindset; an Exponential Mindset; a Longevity Mindset; and a Moonshot Mindset. Together we will actively select and reinforce your preferred Mindsets.

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