Where Will You Get Your News in 2026?

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I asked our community to predict where you’ll get your news in 2026. Will it be….

  1. Your Personal AI Assistant
  2. A new platform you’ve never heard of
  3. An existing news source
  4. Social media
  5. Print newspaper and magazines
  6. Or a TV station?

An overwhelming majority of participants (over 50%) agreed, and the crowd verdict may surprise you! (See results below….)

>>> If you haven’t participated in the prediction poll yet, give it a try here.

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Who won, and why?

Backed by over 56% of the crowd, a “personal AI assistant” won by a landslide.

… Here are the top 3 reasons why:

But what about the runner-ups?

While a new platform (either one that is just emerging or yet to exist) garnered roughly 27% of the vote, a remarkably small percentage of the crowd voted for an existing news source (7.3%), social media (3.86%), print (3.08%), and TV (1.86%).

Check out the results below!

You can look at prediction breakdowns by industry, title and expertise here.

And to check out the most highly upvoted reasons for social media, print newspapers, and the other candidates, go here!

Personalizing Your Own AI-Powered News Feed

Three years ago, I set on a journey to create a Machine Learning platform to scrape the world’s news, science journals and social feeds every day to understand how exponential technologies are impacting specific topics and industries.

The end result is FutureLoop, a free service with the following mission…

Every day, FutureLoop scans hundreds of thousands of articles and journals:

  • Searching for news with ‘positive sentiment’ that is ‘future-oriented’
  • Identifying stories of ‘converging exponential technologies’ that impact industries
  • Scanning for high-quality, referenced sources and validated stories
  • Filtering out sensationalized and biased news
  • Performing these searches on specific ‘user-selected topics’
  • Summarizing articles to extract “What it is” and “Why it’s important

Check out FutureLoop. While the product is still in Beta, it’s powerful, high-quality and free.

Your mindset is your most important tool during this pandemic. Consuming the right information is critical to maintaining that mindset. FutureLoop offers “Data-Driven Optimism.”

Join Me

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Originally published at https://www.diamandis.com.

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Passionate about innovation and creating a world of Abundance. Companies: XPRIZE, Singularity University, Planetary Resources, Human Longevity Inc.

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