The Six Ds of Exponentials

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News travels the globe in an instant. Music, movies, games, communication, and knowledge are ever-available on always-connected devices.

From AI to biotechnology, powerful technologies that were once only available to huge organizations and governments are more accessible and affordable than ever before thanks to digitization.

The potential for entrepreneurs to disrupt industries has never been greater.

And the secret to positively impacting the lives of of people is understanding and internalizing the growth of exponential technologies.

This growth cycle takes place in six key steps that I call the Six Ds of Exponentials: digitization, deception, disruption, demonetization, dematerialization, and democratization.

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If understanding how to use exponential technologies to transform your business and create a world of abundance is something you desire, then consider joining my Abundance 360 Mastermind .

Every year, my team and I select a group of 360 entrepreneurs and CEOs to coach over the course of a year-long program. A360 starts each January with a live event and continues every two months with Implementation Workshops, in which I personally coach members in small groups over Zoom. (In 2021, you have a choice of live “in-person” or “virtual” participation. See the A360 website for more info.)

My mission is to help A360 members identify their massively transformative purpose, select their moonshot, and hone an Abundance, Exponential, and Longevity Mindset. Together we will actively select and reinforce your preferred mindsets.

To learn more and apply, visit

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