Abundance Insider: January 20 Edition

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Predict Heart Failure

A 100-Drone Swarm, Dropped from Jets, Plans Its Own Moves

Researchers Use Stem Cells to Regenerate the External Layer of a Human Heart

Technique Enables Adaptable 3D Printing

Biocompatible Microrobots That Can be Implanted Into the Human Body

Synthetic Stem Cells Offer Benefits of Natural Stem Cells Without the Risks

14-Year-Old Indian Schoolboy Signs Government Contract to Make Anti-Landmine Drones

Robot Cars Can Learn to Drive Without Leaving the Garage

What is Abundance Insider?

This email is a briefing of the week’s most compelling, abundance-enabling tech developments, curated by Marissa Brassfield in preparation for Abundance 360. Read more about A360 below.

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At Abundance 360, Peter’s 250-person executive mastermind, we teach the metatrends, implications and unfair advantages for entrepreneurs enabled by breakthroughs like those featured above. We’re looking for CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to change the world. The program is highly selective. If you’d like to be considered, apply here.



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Peter Diamandis

Peter Diamandis


Passionate about innovation and creating a world of Abundance. Companies: XPRIZE, Singularity University, Planetary Resources, Human Longevity Inc.